The Family Portrait: A Journey of Hope Through the Eyes of the Fatherless


A few years ago, after visiting his counselor, Tim began writing down his story beginning with his first memory at the age of three in a dirty trailer house where many unspeakables happened. These are the memories that had been buried deep and purposely, because no one wants to remember, especially tell, anyone about being abused. But slowly, oh so slowly, as he began to write, there came the light. He was giving voice to the silenced pain, hidden secrets, and dark memories and he started to change. He shared a few pages of his journal with his wife and she, just like many others would soon begin to say: you need to write a book! 

In his memoir, Tim not only candidly tells of how he fumbles into fatherhood, but he authentically reveals how forgiveness and vulnerability lead to a life full of hope. So what began and was even completed solely for Tim’s personal healing, for readers The Family Portrait will surprisingly make you laugh, inspire hope, and encourage dreams. 

The Family Portrait is now available.

“She didn’t ask any questions but started crying as well. She could hear the truth so thick in my voice she didn’t need any questions answered.”
— Tim