-The Hope Choir-

  The Watchmen

This song was brought to life one night a few years ago after a @___forthesilent outreach we were on. Feeling the burden of women in the sex industry, and the oppression that pimps weigh so heavily on them brought us to a helpless state of mind. What can we do? This problem is too huge? No one either cares or believes sex trafficking even exists in our little city. With that we went to petition the lord with prayer and worship. The words that came out became an anthem for us at For The Silent. 


"We are the watchmen of the night. Give us strength to win this fight. Tear down these walls of shame. Reclaim the broken in your name!"


After years of fine tuning and perfecting this anthem we have finally decided to record and release this to the world. There are so many levels this song advocates for. The broken, the hurting,confused, the weak. This song serves as an anthem for anyone in search of hope. 

In turn by purchasing this song 100% of every download will go to For the Silent to help fund their after school program. This 10 week program educates young girls to know the signs of trafficking and equips them with the knowledge to avoid these situations.

Available on every online market. Please share this with as many people as possible. The more downloads, the more girls they can help!!!